Learn more about Iowa's geology!


Image of split open geode.Did you know that the geode is the state rock of Iowa? Geodes don't look like much from the outside, but once they are cracked open you'll find a collection of crystals! The geode in this image is from Keokuk County in southeast Iowa. Learn more about geodes in Iowa by visiting the Young Explorers collection in PBS LearningMedia.

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Have you ever wondered what is underneath all the soil in Iowa? It is a layer of rock called "bedrock." You may have noticed on the fossil and cave interactive maps that many of the locations on the maps were in one part of the state. This is because there are some areas in the state where the bedrock is closer to the surface and not covered by as much soil. Learn more about Iowa's bedrock by watching this video from Iowa Land and Sky.





Iowa Landform Regions

Map of Iowa's landform regions.Learn more about Iowa's different landform regions by viewing this map created by the Iowa Geological Survey. Click each region to view pictures of that region.

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