Iowa PBS. New name. Same essential mission.

Iowa PBS

IPTV became Iowa PBS on January 1, 2020, to better position us for the future. Friends of IPTV Foundation became Friends of Iowa PBS Foundation. As you increasingly look to new platforms for your information and entertainment, our new name will better serve you and better represent who we are and how we deliver content to you in the digital age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all four channels changing?


  • IPTV KIDS .2 will be Iowa PBS KIDS .2
  • IPTV WORLD .3 will be Iowa PBS WORLD .3
  • IPTV Create .4 will be Iowa PBS Create .4
What does this mean for the programs I watch?

New name. Same essential mission. We are committed to being your locally owned and operated statewide television network, and to bringing you the best in local arts, music, sports, entertainment and public policy programming. We will continue to educate, inform, enrich and inspire Iowans. While our new name and brand will connect us more closely with PBS, the most trusted brand in America, you may rest confidently in the knowledge that our mission, our vision and our service to Iowans will remain steadfast.

Will the schedules change?

Our name change will not impact our schedules directly or indirectly. However, we will continue to adjust our programming to add new programs, remove poorly performing programs and respond to ever-changing tastes and trends, as we always have. We are here to educate, inform, enrich and inspire you. We will continue to build our schedule with that goal in mind.

Why fix what isn’t broken?

We do not make this change casually. While IPTV is a trusted source of information and entertainment in Iowa, IPTV is better known around the world as Internet Protocol Television, a global, commercial industry. Search engine results for IPTV can deliver content that is not ours, not educational and not consistent with our mission or promise. We want you to find our programming easily and confidently, wherever and whenever you want to watch. This name change will help us accomplish that goal.

Why now?

We believe this change was inevitable in the long run, so to avoid further brand confusion we are making the change now. Viewers today watch us on television, on demand with the PBS Video app, on a growing number of devices and also enjoy our content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Our future relies on our ability to be where you are watching and to be easily recognized.

What is PBS?

PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Service and is our national network, serving more than 330 member stations with quality educational television and digital content. Each month, PBS reaches over 120 million people through television and 26 million people online. PBS’s broad array of programs has been consistently honored by the industry’s most coveted award competitions.

Is your phone or mailing address changing?

No. Our contact information will continue to be:

For donations:
Friends of Iowa PBS Foundation
PO Box 6400
Johnston, Iowa 50131-6400

For program information or events:
Iowa PBS
PO Box 6450
6450 Corporate Drive
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Does this change where my support goes?

No, your financial support will continue to fund the work of Iowa PBS in Iowa.

Will my membership stay current and renewal date stay the same?


When donating to Iowa PBS, who do I make the check out to?

After January 1, 2020, new gifts/checks should be made to Friends of Iowa PBS.

I am a sustaining member. Does my EFT or credit card require a change?

No, your sustaining membership does not require you to do anything extra to continue your ongoing gift.

Do I need to update my will, trust or beneficiary designation with the new name?

No. If you have already listed our organization as a beneficiary in your plans you do not need to update your documents with the new name. We will continue to receive gifts under the former name.

Is the Friends Tax Identification Number changing?

No. The Friends of Iowa PBS Foundation Tax Identification Number will remain the same. It is 42-1169207.

If I’m creating or updating my will, trust or beneficiary designations, should I use the new name?

Yes. Please use Friends of Iowa PBS Foundation. Our Tax Identification Number 42-1169207.

Who can I call with questions about charitable gifts related to my will, trust, beneficiary designations or other gift planning tools?

Please contact Rob Hilbert, CFRE at 800.728.2828, directly at 515.725.9804 or via email at