Iowa Ingredient - Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

black bean sweet potato

A fun and unique way to use sweet potatoes and black beans that's the perfect main course for lunch or dinner. 

cauliflower risotto

Seared scallops with cauliflower risotto makes the perfect dinnertime meal. 

kohlrabi slaw.jpg

A fun way to cook with kohlrabi. 


A refreshing arugula salad from chef Katy Meyer. 

aronia salad

Chef Kevin Scharpf serves up a delightful aronia berry salad that compliments any number of main course dishes. 

bean salad

An affordable and delicious meal from Chef Katie Porter.

Rosettes of Iowa Brook Trout

 Looking ot put a bit of kick in your diet? This trout isn't afraid to add some spice to your meal!

Pan Seared Sea Bass with Strawberry Jícama Salad

This savory dish is enhanced with the mild sweetness of strawberries.

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