(This video was originally broadcast on Iowa Outdoors, Episode 802, May 9, 2018.)

Some Iowa scenes are too immense to capture in one single photo or even from one single vantage point. For example, the Loess Hills. 220 miles long, 15 miles wide, to capture something that expansive your only shot is to view Iowa by air. 

On the northern edge of the Loess Hills State Forest, a scenic overlook trail is a must-stop hike. The scene from above, breathtaking. 

From the overlook, visitors can see a great deal of the forest, prairies, the Missouri river bottoms and Nebraska. From above, all that and somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 square miles of Loess Hills. Hard to believe that's only 10% of the entire Loess Hills expanse. 

Take a moment to consider what we're seeing here. Beyond trails, farms and highways, these majestic hills are the product of 20,000 years of windblown silt and glacial melt, an impossible thought to process, even from 400 feet in the air. 

The Loess Hills, a western Iowa treasure that takes on new levels of appreciation when viewing Iowa by air. 

Gilchrist Foundation