Civil War Battle Re-enacted

A re-enactment illustrates a diary description of an actual Civil War battle sometime between 1861-1865.



(canon exploding)

Who gave the order, I know not. Who are guide was, I know not.

(yelling and guns firing)

The woods were full of infantry, cavalry, artillery and all arms of the service were flying towards the river in countless numbers. Here I noticed the first man shot, fell dead. And each man as he came upon him seemed to hesitate, but the officers sternly ordered them forward. The men gave a cheer and rushed on in a line of battle with bayonets fixed.

(yelling and guns firing)

Above the roar of guns could be heard the cheers of our men as they gained new ground. Canon balls were flying in all directions. A heavy shower of bullets riddled the ranks and threw us into confusion. And being jammed into masses we were in forced shaped to return fire. The air was filled with dense smoke, and the fumes from burning powder took all the moisture from the mouth. And the burning dryness extended to the throat. The artillery and musketry almost cease and the calmness was oppressive. But it was the calm before the storm. We were massed upon the surrounding bluffs, General Grant and General Buell rode along the line and urged every man to stand firm as we should have thousands of reinforcements in a short time. Our men got on one knee and had all guns cocked and ready.

(sound of drums and trumpets)

As the smoke cleared away, we could see the enemy coming on in long dark lines. They seemed to spring out of the grounds in countless thousands.

(yelling, guns firing, drums and trumpets sounding)


(guns firing and canons exploding, yelling)


(yelling, guns firing and trumpets sounding)

We kept advancing and falling back as the enemy pressed forward or gave way.

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