Iowa National Guard Objectives during the War in Afghanistan

Iowa National Guard troops were deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. There were two major objectives for the soldiers; to find and disable enemy forces and to help Afghan leaders take control of their country.


Most Iowa troops were stationed in the eastern part of Afghanistan, not far from the border with Pakistan.
Colonel Ben Corell, from Strawberry Point,  a veteran of several deployments in the War on Terror,  commanded more than 2,800 Iowa National Guard soldiers.

Corell had two major objectives: first and foremost, to find and disable enemy forces; and secondarily -- but no less important -- to work with the local government to help Afghani officials take control of their country.

“I'm building relationships with these governors to really help them understand what it is that I can do for them to help, number one secure their people, number two, help accomplish their goals and objectives for the future of their province and their people and that's tough stuff because it isn't what you typically see people in a military uniform being good at.  But I'll tell you that we're really good at it.”

Excerpt from "Iowa Soldiers Remember Afghanistan," Iowa PBS, 2011