Market to Market Names Delaney Howell Host

Feb 16, 2018  | 3 min  | Ep4326

Before we go, as many of you know, Mike Pearson resigned from Market to Market in December. This week, the search for his replacement came to a close. To date, there have only been three hosts in the more than 40-year history of the program and tonight we introduce our fourth.

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Delaney Howell may be new to the Market to Market desk, but her passion for agri-business reporting was set when she was a little girl growing up on a cattle farm in southeast Iowa.

Delaney Howell, Host - Market to Market:” I grew up watching Market to Market. My dad would turn it on every Friday night. It was like church - you didn't miss it. And if you wanted to watch, you can watch, otherwise leave the room or be quiet.”

Howell’s desire to become a farm broadcaster was sealed as she witnessed first-hand how news was reported by Market to Market’s second host, Mark Pearson.

Delaney Howell, Host – Market to Market:” So I got to hear him multiple platforms. I watched market to market, I listened to The Big Show so he was my first real taste at Farm broadcasting. And I used to remember that's so cool like I would love to do that for a job. Be on the radio or be on TV and just talk about agriculture and now I get to do it.”

In 2015, Howell became an intern for Market to Market while attending Northwest Missouri State to study Agricultural Sciences and Broadcasting. The stories Howell produced for the program took her across the country, covering everything from catfish farming to forestry.

Delaney Howell, Host – Market to Market:” Agriculture is where I feel at home and that's my people. So that's the story I keep wanting to tell is agriculture's./ people sit down to watch the show every Friday night, or whatever night it is on for them, because your livelihood depends on it.” 


As she returned to college for her final year, Howell continued to report for Market to Market examining agri-business start-ups in Northern Missouri. Since graduation, her farm broadcasting resume has expanded from television to include radio, print and various on-line platforms. She also is tackling a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Communications at Texas Tech.

As the first women to host Market to Market, Howell looks forward to fulfilling the dream she set for herself as young girl.

Delaney Howell, Host – Market to Market:” I think we can do a lot of things now that set us up for the next 40 years.”


For Market to Market, I’m John Torpy

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