Iowa Supreme Court to Decide if Farm Pollution Suit Continues

Nov 8, 2019  | 1 min  | Ep4512

In 2017, a major metropolitan water treatment facility lost a landmark lawsuit that alleged farmers were to blame for water pollution.

If the Des Moines Water Works had prevailed, it would have changed how farming was done in the United States. Many producers breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Two more groups have taken up the same flag and shifted their target from farmers to the State of Iowa.

John Torpy has more.

Legal issues surrounding waterways in the Hawkeye state ran deeper this week as the Iowa Supreme Court announced it would weigh-in on a lawsuit between environmentalists and the State.

In spring of 2019, environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the State of Iowa claiming citizens’ rights to clean water were not met due to pollution caused by runoff from farm fields and hog operations.

The groups Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Food & Water Watch want Iowa’s highest court to set limitations on the use of nitrogen and phosphorus on farms as well as place a moratorium on continued construction of hog confinement facilities.

Attorneys for the State argue the case could put years of Iowa agricultural policy on trial and would greatly alter current agricultural practices.

Attorneys for both sides have 14 days to file their documents for review.

            For Market to Market, I’m John Torpy

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