USDA Announces Dairy Donation Program

Aug 27, 2021  | 2 min  | Ep4702

USDA said Friday agricultural exports will continue at a record-pace this year and add to that growth in 2022. Record soybean, horticultural and dairy exports are expected to fuel growth next year.

The dairy industry also benefited domestically from government purchases to aid with pandemic food assistance.

Josh Buettner reports on the return of ways to help food-insecure Americans. Producer contact:


This week, USDA unveiled the $400 million Dairy Donation Program to reduce food waste and facilitate timely donations of dairy products.

Under the program, food and distribution non-profits will partner with eligible dairy groups to move product and some expense incurred could be eligible for reimbursement.

The International Dairy Foods Association and the National Milk Producers Federation both praised the effort as one more tool to help reach food insecure Americans.

The announcement came during a call with Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow of Michigan. USDA says DDP was inspired in-part by donations made by the Michigan Milk Producers Association in conjunction with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in response to 2014 water crisis in the city of Flint. 

DDP is part of a broader package to help the dairy industry recover from the pandemic and bolster new and existing efforts to build resilience in the face of future challenges.  USDA says additional announcements are forthcoming, including $580 million for Supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage for small and medium farms.  Full details for all efforts will be provided after regulations are published soon in the Federal Register.

For Market to Market, I’m Josh Buettner.

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