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Economic Outlook: December 3, 2021

Dec 3, 2021  | Ep4716

The omicron variant was this week’s news and market mover, but the lasting impacts of the delta wave are still creating variables in the longer lookback economy. ---

Last month, 210,000 jobs were created - more than half of what Wall Street was forecasting.

The number of people looking for work or already employed moved up to 61.8 percent, the highest labor force number since the beginning of the pandemic.

The unemployment rate fell to 4.2 percent, spurring some economists to predict a strong recovery from COVID-induced inflation.

The Mid-America Business Conditions Index fell 5 points in November to 60.2, remaining above growth neutral. The biggest drag on the index is still concern over supply chain bottlenecks lasting well into 2022. --

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