Iowa State Parks Coloring Sheets

Iowa State Parks Coloring Sheets

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Artist, Paula Streeter

Iowa native Paula Streeter is an Associate Teaching Professor at Iowa State University's College of Design. She has a BFA in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking. She has also attained an MA in Intramedia and MFA in Integrated Visual Arts. It's notable that throughout her creative pursuits (including the establishment of an environmentally friendly paper company in Honduras), Streeter has worked, exhibited and/or lived on four continents around the world. We thank her for contributing these downloadable coloring sheets that highlight the Iowa State Parks 2020 Centennial.

20 Artists, 20 Parks 

The allure of the outdoors is practically the definition of indescribable. It's wondrous, inspiring, fulfilling, dangerous and a million other words that never seem to fully capture the essence of why we love to venture outside. The Iowa state parks system is taking a different route with artistic interpretation. Throughout the course of 2019, 20 different artists were tasked with capturing the unique beauty of 20 different state parks. From Stone State Park in the Northwest to Wildcat Den in the Southeast, artists spread across the state to share the beauty of Iowa.

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