2018 Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards Showcase Act 1

Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards Showcase | Episode
Jun 4, 2018 | 1 hr 22 min

The IHSMTA program is a year-long signature Des Moines Performing Arts community initiative. Throughout the year, theater professionals travel across the state to review high school musical productions, helping teachers and students enhance their talents and their schools’ theater programs.

The program culminates with the IHSMTA Showcase held at the Des Moines Civic Center. Based on reviewer scores and nominations, outstanding musicals and performers are invited to share highlights from their productions and create interschool medleys under the direction of Broadway professionals and receive awards for the various elements of their musicals. Iowa PBS’s broadcast will conclude with the announcement of the Triple Threat Award. The two recipients of this award win the honor of representing Iowa at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York City.

Support for Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards Showcase on Iowa PBS is provided by the Daniel & Ann Krumm Charitable Trust.