The Great War Panel Discussion

Apr 10, 2017  | 1 hr  | 

Hear a panel discussion among Iowa war-time veterans about how war has affected Iowa and Iowans.
Dean Borg, host – Borg moderated a panel of veterans and experts about how war has affected Iowa and Iowans. He is a long-time Iowa reporter and retired U.S. Air Force officer. In 1970, he spent several weeks in Vietnam covering the war for CBS. After returning home, he covered protests on the U of I campus in Iowa City. Borg hosted Iowa Press on Iowa PBS for more than 4 decades. He was born and raised in Forest City, Iowa.
Caesar Smith – Smith, a native of Des Moines, Iowa joined the Army in 1956. As a career Army officer, he volunteered for service in Vietnam and in 1964  was sent to the Southeast Asian nation as an adviser.  In 1968, he returned for a 12-month combat tour. As an African-American, Smith was proud to serve his country despite experiencing racism at home.
Roger Beau – Beau from Dubuque, Iowa was in the Air Force during Vietnam and was stationed in Korat,Thailand.  After being discharged in 1972 from military service, he was spat on by protesters at the San Francisco airport. 
Heather Dillwood - Dillwood was a combat Medic with the Iowa National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. During her tour of duty, she treated wounded soldiers. She recently retired from the Guard after nearly two decades of service. Originally from California, she now calls Iowa home.
Mike Vogt – Vogt is curator of the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum located on the Camp Dodge military post. He is currently a member of the Governor’s Iowa History Advisory Council and serves as co-chair of the Iowa World War I Centennial Committee. Vogt is from Gladbrook, Iowa.

Richard Peterson – Peterson was born in 1917 and is a World War II veteran.  Just after D-Day in 1944, he was deployed to Europe as an officer in an engineer battalion composed of African-American troops.  Peterson is from Johnston, Iowa.