5 Under $5: Literacy

Nov 20, 2020  | 3 min  | 101

Iowa PBS Education brings you five engaging literacy activities, each less than five dollars to recreate. Try these at-home lessons with your students or children to make learning literacy fun!

Five Under $5

Index Cards Vowel Match

  • Label note cards leaving space for vowels
  • Mark clothespins with vowels
  • Mix and match clothespins and note cards

Uppercase & Lowercase Spoon Match

  • Write uppercase letters on the tip of the spoon
  • Write the lowercase letters on the bottom of the clear spoons
  • Based on your child, decide on how many pairs of spoons to use
  • Have your child match letters by stacking the spoons
  • These can also be used for alphabetizing practice

Word Family Cup Stacker

  • Label plastic cups
  • Vary labels in capitalization and word families
  • Stack cups to create word families

Word Family Spoons Read & Sort

  • Write word family sounds on each cup
  • Write words on the heads of spoons
  • Make holes for spoons in bottom of cups
  • Have your child match the spoons to the cups

Word Family Cup Stacker

  • Write the first letter on the rim of your cups
  • On a second set of cups, write the two letter word endings
  • Stack the two sets to create the word family words