5 Under $5: Math

Nov 20, 2020  | 3 min  | 102

Iowa PBS Education brings you five engaging math activities, each less than five dollars to recreate. Try these at-home lessons with your students or children to make learning math fun!

Five Under $5

Numbers Many Ways

  • Print our template or use a dry erase board to create "say it," "make it" and "write it" boxes
  • Write a digit and ask your child to say it
  • Have your child count it out using manipulatives (we used beans)
  • Finish by having your child write out the number
  • This can be adapted to use equations and mixed manipulatives

Clothespin Math

  • Write or print simple math problems
  • Write answers on clothespins
  • Solve the problems with the correct clothespins
  • Try with equal, less and greater than symbols too

Flower Fractions

  • Color paper plate as desired
  • Cut paper plate into slices equal to desired fractions
  • Label slices with fractions
  • Create additional fraction plate slices to mix and match

Fuzzy Counting

  • Write numbers on sticky labels
  • Wrap labels around pipe cleaners
  • Add beads to match the number on each pipe cleaner
  • Repeat as necessary
  • When assembly is complete, remove beads
  • Ask your child to add the correct number of beads

Ice Tray Counting

  • Number stickers
  • Add stickers to ice tray
  • Using beans, have your child match the numbers in the ice tray