Latham to new legislators: Listen
Dec 19, 2014 | 00:02:42

Retiring Rep. Tom Latham (R - Clive) says one of the most important things for freshman Representatives and Senators to learn is the importance of listening...

Latham to Boehner: "Think big."
Dec 19, 2014 | 00:00:57

Retiring Rep. Tom Latham (R - Clive) is good friends with House Speaker John Boehner. Latham says Boehner knows that there's an "opportunity of a lifetime"...

Latham on his biggest accomplishments and regrets
Dec 19, 2014 | 00:02:37

Retiring Rep. Tom Latham (R - Clive) says he's very proud of the expansion of USDA facilities in Ames, help for constituents and making National Guard...

Dec 19, 2014 | 00:28:47

Representative Tom Latham (R – Clive) is the guest on this edition of Iowa Press. The program discusses Rep. Latham’s 20-year career representing the...

Market Plus: Darin Newsom
Dec 19, 2014 | 00:10:25

Market Analyst Darin Newsom discusses the commodity markets with host Mike Pearson.