Bush: "That book is crap"
Dec 4, 2015 | 1 min

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says a new book that cites advice his brother, George W. Bush, gave to him is based on tabloid journalism and has no sources.

Bush on voter angst: I don't have to be angry
Dec 4, 2015 | 2 min

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he doesn't have to be an angry candidate; he has to understand why people are angry. He says you never win an election by saying the end is near. Instead, you have to offer a compelling alternative to the path we're on.

Jeb Bush
Dec 4, 2015 | 25 min

This edition of Iowa Press features former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R – Florida) discussing his pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination and his campaign ahead of the February 1st Iowa Caucuses.

Iowa Ingredient: Potluck Celebrations
Dec 4, 2015 | 29 min

Celebrate the holidays with friends and family on a special episode of Iowa Ingredient.

Market to Market (December 4, 2015)
Dec 4, 2015 | 00:27:46

World leaders stare down global climate change in the City of Lights. An agricultural giant looks to reduce its carbon footprint. The new frontier for...