Market to Market (November 13, 2015)
Nov 13, 2015 | 00:27:45

Inclement weather hits the country as harvest season nears the end. Keystone XL is dead but another pipeline rises from the ashes. Rural America nurtures...

Market Plus: Brian Roach

Market Analyst Brian Roach discusses the commodity markets with host Mike Pearson.

Veteran Byron Covey
Nov 13, 2015 | 00:00:50

Quilts of Valor recipient and Korean War veteran Byron Covey of York, Nebraska, describes what it was like to be fighting overseas and what it means to him to to be thanked for his service.

Renewable Energy Growing in Rural America
Nov 13, 2015 | 00:07:43

Beyond reduce, reuse and recycle are efforts to bring renewable power into play and chart a new way forward for energy security and a lower carbon footprint....

Harreld on rocky start and faculty salaries
Nov 13, 2015 | 00:01:38

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld says his controversial hiring and rocky start has not been fun, but he's received a lot of support from several...