Videos 2018

Iowa Landform Cliff
Nov 14, 2018 | 7 min

Take a visual tour of Iowa's geologic diversity. Explore Iowa's land, biodiversity and environmental issues from a different perspective.

Nov 2, 2018 | 4 min

Jennifer Kurth, Iowa DNR Biologist, explains the unique mussel reproduction process and shows just a few of the different mussel species found in one Iowa river.

Oct 25, 2018 | 5 min

The milkweed is a popular plant with an unusual pollination strategy.

2018 Terrace Hill Piano Competition
Apr 27, 2018 | 57 min

Some of the finest high school musicians in Iowa share their talents and skills for everyone to enjoy during the 2018 Terrace Hill Piano Competition.

Best of Living in Iowa 108
Dec 29, 2018 | 25 min

In this episode of the Best of Living in Iowa, we’ll revisit our story on the history behind Templeton Rye, see how the telephone forever changed how Iowan’s communicate, and peer into the mind of...