Iowa Public Television is now Iowa PBS. New name. Same essential mission.

About Iowa PBS

Iowa PBS is Iowa's statewide public broadcasting network. We provide quality, alternative programming that educates, enlightens, and entertains viewers throughout the state.

Our noncommercial, public-service mission enables us to bring you locally produced programs of lasting value regardless of where you live or what you can afford. Our educational media and resources help prepare Iowa’s children for success in school and opens up the world to them in age-appropriate ways. Nearly half the households in our viewing area tune to Iowa PBS each month for programming that reflects a range of interests for Iowans in all demographic categories.

We became Iowa PBS on January 1, 2020, prior to that we operated as Iowa Public Television.

Our Mission:

Iowa PBS educates, informs, enriches and inspires Iowans.

Iowa's Statewide Network

No matter where you are in Iowa, we've got you covered with Iowa PBS’s extensive statewide network of broadcast towers.

Please enjoy this virtual visit of Iowa PBS.


Iowa PBS

Channel 11.1 - Des Moines
Channel 12.1 - Iowa City
Channel 21.1 - Fort Dodge
Channel 24.1 - Mason City
Channel 27.1 - Sioux City
Channel 32.1 - Waterloo
Channel 32.1 - Council Bluffs
Channel 36.1 - Red Oak
Channel 36.1 - Davenport
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Iowa PBS Learns

Channel 11.2 - Des Moines
Channel 12.2 - Iowa City
Channel 21.2 - Fort Dodge
Channel 24.2 - Mason City
Channel 27.2 - Sioux City
Channel 32.2 - Waterloo
Channel 32.2 - Council Bluffs
Channel 36.2 - Red Oak
Channel 36.2 - Davenport
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Iptv World

Channel 11.3 - Des Moines
Channel 12.3 - Iowa City
Channel 21.3 - Fort Dodge
Channel 24.3 - Mason City
Channel 27.3 - Sioux City
Channel 32.3 - Waterloo
Channel 32.3 - Council Bluffs
Channel 36.3 - Red Oak
Channel 36.3 - Davenport
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Molly Phillips

Molly M. Phillips

Executive Director and General Manager
Michelle Wendel

Michelle Wendel

Director of Administration and Finance
Bill Hayes

William T. Hayes

Director of Engineering and Technology
Susan Ramsey

Susan Ramsey

Director of Communications
Kenneth R. Harrison

Kenneth R. Harrison

Director of Educational Services
Justin Beaupre

Justin Beaupré

Director of Programming and Production
Taylor Shore

Taylor Shore

Director of Emerging Media


Gary Steinke

Gary Steinke

Des Moines
Courtney Maxwell Greene

Courtney Maxwell Greene

Vice President
Pleasant Hill
Jason Giles

Jason Giles

Kevin W. Krause

Kevin W. Krause

West Des Moines
Bruce McKee

Bruce McKee

Mason City
Kevin Fangman

Kevin Fangman

Des Moines
Angie Anderson

Angie Anderson

Brooke Axiotis

Brooke Axiotis

Des Moines
Greta Rouse

Greta Rouse