Community Reports

The Federal Communications Commission requires broadcast licensees to provide free public access to certain reports. Digital access to the required reports fulfills this obligation, however Public Inspection Files are also available at our studios, 6450 Corporate Drive, Johnston, Iowa, 50131, Monday-Friday during regular office hours.

Please contact Karen Schaeffer at or 800.532.1290 for assistance with Iowa PBS’s public file, to schedule a visit to review the public file, and for information on reproducing and copying materials from the public file.

Please note that we changed our name on January 1, 2020. Prior to that date, Iowa PBS broadcast under the name Iowa Public Television.

Equal Employment Opportunity Public Files

Required by the Federal Communications Commission.

Federal Communications Commission Public Files

Local Content and Services Report

Diversity Statement

Annual Financial Report

For an accessible, text-only version of this report please contact us.

Audited Financial Statements

Performance Plan Results

Iowa Executive Order 10 - Rulemaking Information

Pursuant to Executive Order 10, Iowa PBS will review existing Administrative Rules (288) and submit a findings report to the Iowa Department of Management on or before December 31, 2024.