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The PBS STEAM Bundles were an absolute blast with the K-5 STEM Programming students. The bundles provided several opportunities for hands-on learning and inquiry skill building that our students otherwise may not have had. The bundles also created a natural platform of teamwork and collaboration among students and staff throughout their opportunities of interaction with the various activities. The possibilities are endless.... I'm so appreciative of this opportunity.
- Beth Janssen, AGWSR Community School, 2024
I love all the history related programs and have learned things about my state I did not learn in school!
- Joanne Dierks, 2024

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The kids (and some adults) really enjoyed getting to utilize the different STEAM activities we do not always have at the library. One family came in and the kids picked an activity they wanted to use. Grandpa really got into it and didn't want to leave until they had finished building their structure.
- Megan Harding, Griswold Public Library, 2024
Probably not surprising but @IowaPBS produces some high quality agricultural/tractor content. Highly recommend Tractor Wars. Photography and video footage is mesmerizing if you’re an old school tractor junkie like me.
- Benjamin Briggs, 2024

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I just wanted to share with you my conversation with my six-year-old grandson tonight as we came home from school. I adored the excitement in his voice about PBS. He frequently talks about wild animals and tonight when I asked where he had learned about them he said Wild Kratts. His mother watched that show when she was younger! Anyway, I had to share with you my appreciation of the quality of your shows that excites my grandchild for wildlife around the world.
- Kathy Allen, 2024
The STEAM bundles are a huge hit at our library. The kids and adults play with all of the activities. There is so much to stimulate the senses. The kids are learning, even when they think they're just playing. ;)
- Lisa Formhals, Malvern Public Library, 2023

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I watch Iowa PBS all of the time. Love the series they show. And have learned so much about history. I never learned anything from high school in my history class.
- Lauri Gee, 2023
I found this to be one of the most educational and fun activities for our kids. Our ages range from 2-12, and we had no trouble keeping them entertained while teaching coordination, colors, shapes, sizes. But to me, the most important thing was the older kids working with the younger kids and getting along. This is a great program!!!!
- Sherry Hopkins, Swaledale Public Library, 2023

The new Meredith Wilson program... was wonderful and an insightful new look at the broad ranging career of Meredith Willson and the impact he had on the world of music in America and abroad. I have watched past documentaries on this subject and thought I knew this story pretty well. But I was wrong... I could go on but you probably understand how I feel about the significance of Iowa PBS committing resources to present an updated version about Meredith Wilson. Thanks again for your research and preservation of this important piece of Iowa history.
- Bill Sherman, 2023
We were thrilled by the community's reception of the STEAM Trailer... Some families stayed for the entire two to three hour event. The littles played the entire time with boundless imagination. We're so grateful to Iowa PBS for this opportunity.
- B. Mueting, Council Bluffs Public Library, 2023

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