Iowa PBS announces FIND Iowa virtual field trips

Take fun, educational virtual field trips across the state with Iowa PBS Education’s newest initiative, FIND Iowa! The Fun Investigating New Discoveries (FIND) Iowa project encourages students in grades 2-5 to investigate our state through the use of immersive and interactive learning content. Just in time for Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, FIND Iowa’s first virtual field trip, Iowa’s Geology, is available for teachers and families.

“In recent years, teaching standards have changed, with an increasing focus on authentic, locally based teaching approaches. Iowa PBS Education has worked to provide Iowa-focused resources to support teachers and families, and we’re excited to offer FIND Iowa as one of these resources,” said Iowa PBS Director of Educational Services Ken Harrison. “With the weather warming up and Earth Day approaching, we knew it was the perfect time to present our first FIND Iowa topic! We know that kids will enjoy exploring the incredible natural features our state has to offer — whether in the classroom, at home or at the featured locations!”

When kids picture the landscape of Iowa, they might think of lots of flat farmland and a few hills. Actually, the land has many different areas and features, including fossils and caves. Through Iowa’s Geology from FIND Iowa, students will learn about Iowa's interesting geology and ancient past by virtually exploring various land features and fossilized creatures.

The resources on the FIND Iowa website are designed so that elementary students can view and interact with them on their own. Investigations are organized by theme, with each theme having multiple subtopics. Teachers and parents are encouraged to engage students in discussion and further learning as students use the site — even visiting these fascinating locations across the state for real-world learning experiences.

Beginning fall 2021, FIND Iowa will have several field trips to kick off the 2021-2022 school year. Trips will focus on social studies and science themes, with topics including geology, agriculture, renewable energy and important cultural contributions of Iowans. Production will continue during the school year, adding additional field trips over time.

Funding for FIND Iowa has been provided by the Gilchrist Foundation, Pella Corporation and the Pella Rolscreen Foundation.