Day Eight: Iowa State Fair Photo Gallery

photos by Bryon Houlgrave

It was Park and Rec Day at the Iowa State Fair, with fun contests and lots of adorable moments in between.


fairgoers posing with robocars

The RoboCars strolled around the fairgrounds to pose for pictures with fairgoers. 


man holding stuffed animal

A fairgoer looks over a giant stuffed dragon at the Iowa State Fair.


big wheel races

kids showing off ribbons from the big wheel race

big wheel races

Drivers speed to the finish line during the Big Wheel races on the Iowa State Fair Grand Concourse. 


Iowa State Fair queen handing out an award to two kids

Iowa State Fair Queen Kalayna Durr presents a Way We Live plaque to the Slinger family at the Iowa State Fair.


scavenger hunt participants

scavenger hunt participants

The Iowa State Fair scavenger hunt. Top photo, a scavenger hunt team maps out their course of action. Bottom photo, contestants quickly scramble away from the staging area to race around the Iowa State fairgrounds.


girl at the Iowa State Fair balancing a ball in her hands

A fairgoer takes a shot at a basketball hoop on the Grand Concourse.


judges at the animal face cake contest

fox face cake at the animal face cake contest at the Iowa State Fair

Animal face cake judging at the Elwell Family Food Center. Top photo, a judge looks over the cake decorated like an axolotl during the animal face cake judging. Bottom photo, a fox cake submission.