Drama on Demand: Whodunits and Heartfelt History

Did you know Iowa PBS offers even more content available through the PBS App, available on smart TVs, phones and other platforms like Roku? And, members get access to even more content on the PBS App when they activate their Iowa PBS Passport account! You can watch and binge some of your favorite dramas and mysteries. Here’s what we recommend to watch this month!


Period Dramas and Mysteries

If you like period dramas and mysteries we recommend:

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is just a teenager when she leaves Austria to marry the Dauphin of France. At Versailles, under the complex rules of the French court, she suffers from not being able to live her life the way she wants, under pressure to continue the Bourbon line and secure the Franco-Austrian alliance.


Tom Jones

Two lovers follow their hearts in a new adaptation of Henry Fielding’s novel. Will their love be able to survive all odds? Find out and watch every episode with Iowa PBS Passport.


Miss Scarlet and the Duke

Headstrong Eliza Scarlet is the first-ever female detective in Victorian London and she will not let naysayers stop her from keeping her father’s business running.


Atlantic Crossing

A European princess steals the heart of the U.S. president in an epic drama inspired by the real World War II relationship between Franklin Roosevelt and Norwegian Crown Princess Martha.


Crime Dramas

If you like crime dramas, be sure to binge:


This cold case drama series follows detectives as they uncover the truth from complicated cases in the past. The deeper the truth lies, the bigger the emotional toll for the suspects, the families left behind and for the detective inspectors themselves.


Professor T

Professor Jasper Tempest and the team untangle a series of knotty crimes ranging from an unexplained fire in a student block to the mystery of an entire family found dead in their home. This thrilling drama leaves you asking what will happen next!



This detective series portrays the early years of brooding, gifted Sergeant Endeavour Morse. You can stream all nine season of Endeavour now.



DI Annika Standhed and her Marine Homicide Unit solve puzzling murders that wash up in Scotland’s waters. Annika shares her wry literary insights on the crimes while attempting to also raise her teen daughter, Morgan.


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