Exploring Family Bonds: PBS Shows to Stream

You know, those shows that dig into the fascinating dynamics within families? Well, PBS has a knack for bringing those to life. Here are some of our favorites that you can watch with Iowa PBS Passport. 


The Durrells in Corfu 

Based on a true story, The Durrells in Corfu follows a widower who decides to leave dreary England and moves with her four children to the Greek island of Corfu. This series follows the Durrell family through their misadventures and how they adapt to island life. The blend of humor and charm captures the essence of family bonds and what you sometimes must do for the pursuit of happiness. 


Little Bird 

In 1968, five-year-old Bezhig Little Bird was removed from the Long Pine Reserve and adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal. Eighteen years later, she embarks on a journey to unravel her history. Little Bird shows that what may seem lost, can always be found. 


All Creatures Great and Small

Sometimes our families are not who we grew up with, but the friends who become family along the way. All Creatures Great and Small showcases the warmth of human connection, the beauty of rural life and resilience in difficult times. 

Catch up on the first three seasons before season four premieres in January 2024. 


Little Women 

This adaptation of the famous book written by Louisa May Alcott follows the lives of the four March sisters as they continue to grow up together. This series portrays themes of resilience, sisterhood, and pursuing your passions. Throughout all their challenges, the sisters continue to put their love for each other above all else. 


Downton Abbey 

Downton Abbey follows an aristocratic British family and the housekeepers, butlers and cooks who help keep their estate running. Love, honor, class conflict and evolving social norms are themes throughout the series. The characters show the evolution of an era while maintaining an enduring human spirit. 


Finding Your Roots 

Do you know who you are? Finding Your Roots showcases the interconnectedness of human history and the diversity of individual backgrounds, emphasizing the significance of understanding one's heritage and how it contributes to personal identity. The series often provides thought-provoking moments as guests discover previously unknown details about their ancestors and the impact these findings have on their understanding of their place in the world.