"Hey Alexa - Play Country Farm Sounds"

Market to Market has compiled farm sounds that they've gathered while covering rural America and are offering an audio experience you can enjoy through Alexa devices and apps. Check it out in the Skills Shop on Amazon and experience it via an Alexa device or app by saying "Hey Alexa, play country farm sounds." Enjoy a seven-minute audio journey taking you around a farmstead, circa 1950, while doing the morning chores.  

Colleen Krantz, the Market to Market producer who originally conceived and lead the project, found inspiration for doing so from some very personal experiences: 

"I was just ten when my Grandma Bradford had a bad fall that broke her neck, leaving her bedridden. I can still clearly remember how Grandma, who had spent her entire life on farms, begged her son - my dad - to carry her outdoors, to give her a little escape from the hospital where she felt so confined. I felt so badly for them both because he could not safely do so. A few years later, I would feel equally bad for my mom who had to see her own mother, also a farm gal, deteriorate from dementia to a point where we needed more help caring for her. She moved into a memory unit, where security doors prevented her from wandering outside in her confusion."

Use this Alexa skill to relax or relive your favorite memories or to give yourself an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors when they're not immediately available to you.