Three photos from L-R: Meskwaki Nation's Red Earth Gardens, drone image of green farm land, brown building with "Lincoln Cafe" on the sign

Take a Trip: Iowa Valley Scenic Byway

In our seventh episode of Road Trip Iowa, we took a trip along the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway.  For centuries ethnic groups and communal societies have settled along the Iowa River Valley. Take a drive along the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway to discover how their unique customs and traditions carry on today.

Want to take this journey with us on your next road trip? Use Travel Iowa's itinerary tool to send yourself a fantastic route along this byway to experience most of our episode in person (please note that the itinerary tool doesn't always have every stop featured in our show so you may need to add a couple of stops along the way if you want the full experience).

Traer Salt & Pepper Shaker Gallery

One woman's unique collection has shaken up the town of Traer for nearly 80 years.


Otter Creek Marsh

The Iowa River Corridor is home to a wide variety of wetland, grassland and wildlife.


Meskwaki Nation's Red Earth Gardens

Meskwaki Nation's old ways of growing fresh food are preserved in a community garden.


Clutier's Old Town Jail

Clutier's quaint old town jail is a great place to visit, but you may not want to stay.


Bohemian Alps

The hills along Iowa's Czech Trail have made generations of Bohemians feel right at home.


Lincoln Cafe

For decades this cafe fed Lincoln Highway and rail travelers morning, noon and night.


Amana Colonies

A religious communal society is celebrated in seven villages of living history.