Three photos from L-R: Soda fountain building sign, curvy road shot from above, statue of man on a horse

Take a Trip: Great River Road National Scenic Byway (South)

In our sixth episode of Road Trip Iowa, we took a trip along the southern end of the Great River Road National Scenic Byway. Travel Iowa’s southern portion of the Great River Road from Muscatine to Keokuk. Explore the natural beauty, charming river towns and hidden gems along the way.

Want to take this journey with us on your next road trip? Use Travel Iowa's itinerary tool to send yourself a fantastic route along this byway to experience most of our episode in person (please note that the itinerary tool doesn't always have every stop featured in our show so you may need to add a couple of stops along the way if you want the full experience).

The Candy Kitchen

The Candy Kitchen in Wilton is one of the oldest ice cream and soda parlors in the state.


Pine Creek Grist Mill at Wildcat Den State Park

Built in 1848, this mill is one of the oldest working mills west of the Mississippi River.


National Pearl Button Museum

Explore the story of how mussel shells put Muscatine on the world map.


Toolesboro Mounds National Historic Landmark

Travel the grounds of these burial mounds that date back to 200 B.C.E.


Snake Alley

This drivable path is 200 feet long and is claimed by some to be the crookedest street in the world.


Burlington Riverfront

Situated on the bluffs along the river, this town is known for its commerce and culture.


The Drake

The Drake restaurant offers a unique dining experience with views that are unmatched.


Hinterland Dairy

This family farm has quickly gained a reputation for its handmade, farmstead cheese.



The sunrise can be breathtaking at Iowa’s southernmost city.