Three photos from L-R: A buffalo in a museum, a white storefront building with the words "Doe A Deer" above the door and an image of a white painted telephone pole along a rural Iowa road

Take a Trip: White Pole Road and Glacial Trail Scenic Byways

In our ninth episode of Road Trip Iowa, we took trips along two byways, the White Pole Road Scenic Byway and the Glacial Trail Scenic Byway. Learn the impact of glaciers on Iowa's landscape and the famous figures who traveled U.S. Route 6. Whether you're hiking the prairie or living life on the road, the Glacial Trail and White Pole Road Scenic Byways have an adventure for you.

Want to take this journey with us on your next road trip? Use Travel Iowa's itinerary tool to send yourself a fantastic route along this byway to experience most of our episode in person (please note that the itinerary tool doesn't always have every stop featured in our show so you may need to add a couple of stops along the way if you want the full experience).

Prairie Heritage Center

Discover how glacial activity shaped Iowa's landscape at the Prairie Heritage Center.


Historic Peterson

Explore Peterson's frontier history at the county's first frame house and fort.


InnSpiration Winery

Paul and Sheila Thomsen's vineyard began as decor and turned into a full-fledged winery.


History of the White Pole Road

Discover the historic figures who came through Iowa on one of the state's first blacktops.


Dexter Roundhouse

Dexter's one-of-a-kind community center and gym is a century-old architectural wonder.


Dexter Museum

From outlaws to presidents, find out who passed through Dexter on White Pole Road.


Doe A Deer

Doe A Deer's unique graphic textiles bring a fresh vibe to Stuart's historic main street.


Saints Center

Following a tragic act of arson, Stuart's All Saints Church was resurrected from ashes.