Firefighter with little girl holding a teddy bear.

Highlighting the Helpers in Your Community

Each day families see tragedy in the news or through media. Incidents like these remind caregivers scary things may happen in our communities, while also leaving them to wonder what resources are available to support children when scary things happen around them. Fortunately for families, Iowa PBS connects Iowans with ways to support children and foster conversations that build security and comfort.

  • Meet the Helpers is a public media initiative designed to introduce children to community helpers and practice emergency preparedness. Research has shown that introducing children to community helpers in a safe and fun environment can help them react better during times of crisis.
  • PBS KIDS’ When Something Scary Happens provides resources to help families cope in emergencies and other challenging times. 
  • PBS KIDS Talk About shows real parent-child conversations about a wide range of topics including feelings and emotions, bravery and courage, self-confidence and determination and race and racism. The series comes with tips and resources to help parents have meaningful conversations with young children.

Find additional resources in PBS KIDS’ for Parents: Emotions & Self-Awareness. This collection helps kids develop a strong emotional toolkit, preparing them to handle the ups and downs of life. Help children name their feelings, understand them and develop strategies for expressing them in healthy ways.