a family around a table playing a game

Trying Something New Together

We all value tradition in some form or another, whether it be your favorite annual holiday or your daily coffee before work. Traditions can come in all shapes and sizes, in fact, you can pretty much make a tradition out of anything you want! For your family, creating new traditions to celebrate together can be an inventive and adventurous way to spend time together this summer. Here are some examples of traditions you and your family can try.


Family Game Night

A game night is a timeless classic when it comes to family traditions! Whether it’s a board game around the kitchen table, a charades night in the living room or game of basketball with the hoop hanging on your garage — a game night can be a versatile and creative weekly tradition that your kids will always look forward to, especially if ordering a pizza is involved!

Going for a Walk

There are few things more important than getting outside and staying active, and getting some steps in with your family is a perfect tradition for the summertime. Walk around the block after dinner, or go further out of your neighborhood for a family adventure! Taking walks regularly as a family can be an excellent tradition for promoting healthy exercise and allowing your kids to explore new places outdoors — with supervision, of course!

Making Sun Tea

Sun tea is an easy, fun and delicious summer tradition for kids, and all you need are things you likely already have at home. Put some tea bags in a one-gallon glass container filled with water, place the lid gently on top, set it out in the sun, and voila! In three to four hours your kids will have a refreshing summer drink that they’ve made all by themselves! For an extra step, make some homemade lemonade to go with it!

Going Camping

There are endless beautiful places to go camping in Iowa, including any of Iowa’s 83 state parks! Camping is an ageless tradition that has become one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States. Experiencing the great outdoors with your family can be an incredible bonding experience, especially if you unplug and limit outside distractions. Check your local parks and recreation websites for ideas on where, how and when you can experience the tradition of camping with your family!