Rosie Fuentes stands next to her pet cat, Gatita. Gatita is standing on a box. They are both on a front porch.

Learn with Rosie!

Each PBS KIDS program offers unique opportunities for children to learn and Rosie’s Rules is no exception! This animated preschool comedy series follows the adventures of Rosie Fuentes, an inquisitive and hilarious 5-year-old girl just starting to learn about the “wow-mazing” world beyond her family walls. And she is ready to learn it all ... by figuring it out herself. This may sound familiar, as many children have the same urge to explore, question and take in their world. Rosie’s endless curiosity sets the stage for her ongoing pursuits to learn more about her family, her community and beyond (until recently, she didn’t even know there was a beyond!). After all, when faced with something new – whether it’s a challenge, a problem, or a grand and glorious idea - our adventurous leader with big ideas, jumps right in.

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