Rosette cookies to represent holiday cooking

Watch Holiday Programming On Demand

Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? We sure are! We have all kinds of content available to stream online or in the PBS Video App to celebrate the holidays. 


The holiday season kicks off with Hanukkah on December 18. Learn more about the holiday and how interfaith families observe both Hanukkah and Christmas!


Learn why Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights and watch the story behind a unique Hanukkah program


The holiday season continues with the celebration of Christmas on December 25. 

Christmas with Jim McDonaugh brings all of the joy of the season into your home!


You can also listen to other Christmas music specials to enjoy the sweet sounds of the Christmas season. Watch the St. Olaf Christmas Festival or Christmas Music Tells the Story from Zaytuna College. 


Following Christmas is the celebration of Kwanzaa starting on December 26. Kwanzaa is the celebration of African-American culture.

Learn more about the tradition of dolls made for Kwanzaa:


Holiday Cooking

Looking for some festive food to make this year? Uplevel your holiday brunch with Charity Nebbe! These dishes bring a mix of sweet and savory to your holiday parties.


Nothing says the holidays like potlucks! Join Charity on this episode with some special guests to help you decide what to make this holiday season.


If you're looking for some sweet treats, here's a few more holiday recipes to try: