Guide to New Iowa PBS Dramas

Did you hear? The new year is going to be full of drama. New series, new episodes and new crime! Here’s what you can expect from some of your favorite (plus some brand new) dramas this January.

We’ll be kicking off this year with a new series: Sister Boniface Mysteries, premiering on January 7 at 8 p.m. This is a light-hearted murder mystery series starring a Vespa-driving, crime-solving Catholic nun: Sister Boniface. You can watch Sister Boniface Mysteries live on Iowa PBS .1 or via our linear livestream

Season 3 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke premieres this Sunday, January 8 at 7 p.m. Season 3 promises to bring more mysteries, more action, more cases, oh my! How will Eliza and the Duke continue to be challenged this season? You can watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke live on Iowa PBS .1 and with the PBS Video App. Members can watch past seasons on the app with your Iowa PBS Passport access in case you're new to this show or you want to relive past seasons.

The beloved All Creatures Great and Small returns to Iowa PBS with a new season! Grab your wellies and head back to the Yorkshire Dales with James, Siegfried, Tristan and Helen as they take on new adventures. All Creatures Great and Small premieres on Sunday, January 8 at 8 p.m. You can watch on Iowa PBS .1 or on the PBS Video App, with members having expanded access to past seasons. Enjoy this preview for Season 3!

Vienna Blood is also back with their third season. You’ll continue to see brilliant young English doctor Max Liebermann and tenacious Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt working together in a crime-solving partnership. Together they investigate a series of unusual and disturbing murders.

Season 3 is available to watch on Iowa PBS .1 or on the PBS Video App. The new season starts Sunday, January 8 at 9 p.m.

Lastly, Traces is the final drama coming to Iowa PBS in January. Traces follows 23-year-old Emma Hedges, who takes up a new position as a lab assistant at the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science. Emma starts to dig deeper into an unsolved murder case and she soon realizes she should not trust anyone. With the help of two female professors, Sarah Gordon and Kathy Torrence, she works on bringing a killer to justice.

Traces is available to watch live on Iowa PBS .1 and premieres on Saturday, January 21 at 10 p.m.