A set of hands holding a math sheet to be used with clothespins.

Affordable Learning Is Within Reach

Parents and caregivers, are you looking for affordable, SIMPLE activities your children can do that won’t require a trip to a craft store, and are not only fun but educational? Good news! These math and literacy activities are inexpensive and you likely already have the materials you need.

First, we bring you five engaging literacy activities, each less than $5 to recreate. Try these to make learning literacy fun!

Index Cards Vowel Match

  1. Label note cards leaving space for vowels
  2. Mark clothespins with vowels
  3. Mix and match clothespins and note cards

Uppercase & Lowercase Spoon Match

  1. Write uppercase letters on the tip of the spoon
  2. Write the lowercase letters on the bottom of the clear spoons
  3. Based on your child, decide on how many pairs of spoons to use
  4. Have your child match letters by stacking the spoons
  5. These can also be used for alphabetizing practice

Word Family Plastic Cup Stacker

  1. Label plastic cups
  2. Vary labels in capitalization and word families
  3. Stack cups to create word families

Word Family Spoons Read & Sort

  1. Write word family sounds on each cup
  2. Write words on the heads of spoons
  3. Make holes for spoons in bottom of cups
  4. Have your child match the spoons to the cups

Word Family Foam Cup Stacker

  1. Write the first letter on the rim of your cups
  2. On a second set of cups, write the two letter word endings
  3. Stack the two sets to create the word family words


Next, we bring you five engaging math activities, each less than $5, to recreate. Try these to make learning math fun!

Numbers Many Ways

  1. Print the template or use a dry erase board to create "say it," "make it" and "write it" boxes
  2. Write a digit and ask your child to say it
  3. Have your child count it out using manipulatives (we use beans)
  4. Finish by having your child write out the number
  5. This can be adapted to use equations and mixed manipulatives

Clothespin Math

  1. Write or print simple math problems
  2. Write answers on clothespins
  3. Solve the problems with the correct clothespins
  4. Try with equal, less and greater than symbols, too

Flower Fractions

  1. Color paper plate as desired
  2. Cut paper plate into slices equal to desired fractions
  3. Label slices with fractions
  4. Create additional fraction plate slices to mix and match

Fuzzy Counting

  1. Write numbers on sticky labels
  2. Wrap labels around pipe cleaners
  3. Add beads to match the number on each pipe cleaner
  4. Repeat as necessary
  5. When assembly is complete, remove beads
  6. Ask your child to add the correct number of beads

Ice Tray Counting

  1. Number stickers
  2. Add stickers to ice tray
  3. Using beans, have your child match the numbers in the ice tray


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