A nostalgic photo of a boy in a cowboy costume laying on the floor watching his favorite cowboy TV program.

"If you watched that...what about this?"

If you watched PBS KIDS growing up, you may have fond memories of a favorite show based on the theme, the topic, or even a specific character. No matter the case, we want to help you find the best show to watch with your kids based on your favorite show when you were growing up. From Mister Rogers to Bill Nye, check out these recommendations. 

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Starting off with the most likely connection we have Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. If you have a young child and enjoyed watching Mister Rogers growing up, we recommend checking out Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a spin off cartoon that centers around Daniel Tiger, who is made to mimic Fred Rogers. Daniel helps children with managing their emotions and many other key social emotional skills with catchy musical numbers and much more.

Reading Rainbow 

🎵Take a look, it's in a book…a Reading Rainbow🎵 If this theme song was stuck in your head as a kid, look no further than Super Why for a perfect show to check out with your kids today! Super Why helps kids with all things literacy - from letter identification to reading comprehension and spelling with a fun fairytale twist. These superheroes jump into fairytales and help save the day with their reading powers. 

Magic School Bus

Fans of The Magic School Bus may find they enjoy watching Xaiver Riddle and the Secret Museum with their children. While Miss Frizzle took her students on scientific adventure-filled field trips, Xavier and his friends travel back in time to meet inspirational figures as children. From Harriet Tubman to Albert Einstein to the Wright Brothers, you may even learn something yourself from this fast paced show. While the topic is not the same, the concept of learning through ‘travel’ and getting up close and personal with the subject comes across just as strong. 

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy has taught so many about the wonders of science and was always a bit goofy along the way. The same can be said about Odd Squad, a show for kids ages 5 to 8 that teaches about math with a silly twist. When something truly odd strikes, it's time to call the Odd Squad. The show will not only teach kids these math skills but will also teach them problem solving and teamwork. 

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Did you love the game show themed show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? With a fun concept and lots of geographic education, this show did not disappoint. If you still enjoy a good geography lesson, check out Let’s Go Luna with your kids. Luna and her friends’ parents are part of a traveling musician group and the characters of the show travel around the world learning about the different stops along the way. With geography, culture, food and more, this show can help teach your kids all about the world they live in. 

Sesame Street

If you loved the puppets of Sesame Street, check out Donkey Hodie with your kids! This series is another spin-off of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood that helps young children with social emotional learning. Donkey Hodie is the granddaughter of Grampy Hodie from the Neighborhood of Make Believe in the original show. Your kids will fall in love with these puppets and their silly stories, and you will love what they are teaching them! 


If you enjoyed the live-action and animated twist of Zaboomafoo, starring Chris and Martin Kratt, make sure to check out Wild Kratts with your kids! Wild Kratts has that same focus, combining science education with fun and adventure and your children will be sure to learn a lot about the animals of the world.