Underground Railroad Field Trip Locations

We visited four of the Underground Railroad locations in Iowa that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Why do you think these four locations are in the southern half of Iowa instead of the northern half?

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An 1848 map of the United States. The map focuses on Iowa with the Missouri River labeled on the western border of the state and the Mississippi River labeled on the eastern border of the state. The state of Missouri is labeled just below Iowa. The Nebraska Territory is labeled to the west of the Missouri River with the Kansas Territory labeled below the Nebraska Territory in the upper northern corner of Missouri. The Todd House is labeled at Tabor, Iowa, in the southwest corner of Iowa just north of Missouri. The Hitchcock House is labeled at Lewis, Iowa. The Hitchcock House is northeast of Tabor, Iowa. The Jordan House is labeled at West Des Moines, Iowa. The Jordan House is northeast of Lewis, Iowa, in south central Iowa. Finally, the Lewelling House is labeled at Salem, Iowa, in the southeast corner of the state above Missouri.