Noticing the World Around You Using Science

Urban Outdoors | FIND Iowa
Jul 25, 2024 | 00:02:09

How might you be able to explore science ideas right where you live?

People use science to understand the world around them. Imagine what you might discover when you start looking at your town like a scientist. 


[Abby Brown] Ahh, the great outdoors! We should all try to get outside each day. Even if it's just for a little bit. And as grown-ups sometimes say, it's important to stop and smell the roses. Although, it doesn't really mean to smell the roses; even though they do have a fantastic scent. Stopping to smell the roses really just means stopping to notice the world around you. The best way to learn about the world around us is to use our science skills like curiosity and persistence.

C'mon, let's be bold and take some risks together. Whether you live in a rural area with trees and wide open spaces all around, or a city with green spaces and parks set aside for adventure, or somewhere in between, you can be a scientist everywhere! All you have to do is stop, notice, and ask questions about the world around us. In Iowa's big cities, there are ecosystems like forests, and wetlands, and prairies. What makes them thrive and survive? We can find out by using--you guessed it--science! 

You might be surprised to know that cities also have marshes, and hills, and ponds, and wide open prairies with creatures you may have seen in your own backyards, like frogs, squirrels, turtles, and loads of busy insects. How do these things keep their unique qualities with humans so close by? Science can help us figure that out too. Grab a grown up and come along with me as we have fun exploring the great outdoors as scientists!

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