Little Wall Lake

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Mar 5, 2024 | 02:14

What evidence of glaciers might we be able to see today?

Long ago, glaciers covered parts of Iowa. As they melted, they left behind lakes, like Little Wall Lake in Hamilton County.


[Abby Brown] Some of the most amazing areas in Iowa were formed by the movement of glaciers. Imagine the edge of a glacier right here, thousands and thousands of years ago. And as it moved, it created a dip in the land, like a bowl, and as it  pooled with water it created this beautiful lake.

Little Wall Lake is in the town of Jewell, here in Hamilton County. Around the lake there's a park where people love to fish, boat, camp, and just hang out outside. Little Wall Lake is shallow, from time to time people have had to help it from becoming so shallow that it becomes a marsh by dredging it, or scooping out the mud weeds and plants that started to grow.

Once upon a time, Hamilton County was covered by the southernmost part of a massive glacier.  As the glacier slowly, but powerfully, moved, it left dips in the land, like potholes. It also pushed parts of the land up, creating walls. This is the wall that the glacier pushed and left behind. That's why they call it Little Wall Lake.

There are just 34 natural lakes in Iowa, but when you stand next to this one, your imagination can take you back to a time when a glacier kissed these shores.

Every county in Iowa has an ancient story to tell. Thanks for exploring Hamilton County with me.