Learn about the senses and how we can use them to identify household items. Start by gathering a pillowcase or bag and gather a few objects —like food, kitchen tools, clothing, or toys — and place inside. Hide the items inside the pillowcase/bag and let the child use their senses to guess the item. They can feel the item, smell what’s inside or gently lift and shake the box.


Angela is sitting in her backyard in the grass talking to the camera. There is a gentle breeze and the sounds of insects in the background. Occasionally you can hear cars moving on the street, honking horns and children playing.

Hi friends. I'm going to show you a fun activity today.

And to start off, you're going to need a bag.

I have a pillowcase.

And you're going to need a family member or a friend to put

five items in the bag, that you don't know what they are.

So, you can't peek.

So if you need to get your bag with your five items, go ahead and push pause and come back.

Okay, hopefully you're back.

So, I have a bag with my five items, and I don't know what's inside.

So, what we're going to do today is.

We're going to practice using our senses

Do you know what your senses are?

Maybe you learned this from our new show Eleanor Wonders Why.

It's a brand new show that has some great science items in it, and one of those is senses.

So senses are things like our touch.

So when things feel rough or smooth or bumpy.

It could be things that we see,

or we smell, or we taste, or we hear.

And for our bag today, we're going to be able to use, mainly touch.

But maybe we could use sound or smell.

So with my bag here, let's see what happens if I shake it.

I have an item over here that kind of makes a noise, but most of my stuff doesn't.

I smelled it, and I don't smell anything.

So, smells probably not going to help me.

So what we're going to do is, without peeking,

We're going to put our hand in our bag, and we're going to feel.

What do you feel in your bag?

Let's see, I'm going to start with this item.

My item's kind of rough, but kind of squishy.

I can squeeze it with my hand, and change its shape.


It's kind of big.

I think my item is bigger than a shoe.

What about your item?

Does it feel small?

Or, is it slippery?

Is it cold to the touch?

Mine's not really cold.

I think I know what my item is.

We use this quite a bit around our house.

I think mine is paper towels.

I'm right. I have a roll of paper towels in my bag.

What was in your bag?

I bet it was something pretty neat.

So this is a fun activity you can do.

And you can go through your five items that somebody picks for you.

And you can try to figure out what the items are using your sense of touch.

And there's all sorts of fun items you can put in a bag.