An image of the game board that is used with the Race to the Finish! early math probability game

Choose the spinner that gives you the greatest chance of landing on the square you want or avoiding the one you want to skip as you “Race to the Finish!” in this probability game.



  1. Print out the game board and spinners. Invite your child to play the game Race to the Finish! with you. Explain the rules of the game and demonstrate how to use the spinner (as shown on spinner page).
  2. Two to four people can play. Players put their game pieces on START. The first to cross the finish line (by spinning a 4) wins the game.
  3. Each player chooses a spinner, spins the paper clip, and moves to the nearest square that shows that number.
  4. On each turn, you choose the spinner that gives you the best chance of spinning the number you want -- or the best chance of avoiding the number you don't want!
  5. The first to cross the finish line (by spinning a 4) wins the game.
  6. As you play, talk about why you choose one spinner over another. For example, if the number you want appears more than once on a spinner, your chances of spinning it are greater than if it appears only once.

Parent Tips:

  • Use this activity to give your child experience with probability.
  • For game pieces, use buttons or other small objects.

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