DIY newspaper fort

Camp Out With Newspaper Forts

Check out this simple tutorial on how to build forts for kids out of newspaper.


  • Newspaper
  • Tape


  1. Take two sheets of newspaper and lay them out flat, one on top of the other.
  2. Start rolling the stacked newspapers from one corner. Note: The tighter the roll, the stronger the fort will be. Secure the end with a small piece of tape.
  3. Make as many newspaper rolls as your kids will allow! An ideal amount is around 48.
  4. Make triangles with your newspaper rolls by taping the ends together into points.
  5. Create as many triangles as you and your children can with your newspaper rolls.
  6. Secure the triangles together to build whatever size structure you'd like! The size will depend on how many triangles you make. Be sure that you have enough for the roof, which will provide the final stability for your fort. You can secure the joints with some extra tape to be sure they don't move around too much.
  7. Let your kids' imaginations run wild! The structure should even be sturdy enough to put a blanket on top.

Allison Waken, full-time social media specialist and blogger, is a mother of two boys who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She features ideas proven to spark creativity, play and interaction with children on her site All for the Boys.

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