Two pieces of construction paper. One is red and one is blue. At the top of the red paper it says “big.” At the top of the blue paper it says “little.” There are pieces of paper of various sizes on the red and blue paper.

Sort by Size: Is It Big or Little?

Sorting activities such as this one help build early math and critical thinking skills.


  • Paper scraps in any color
  • Glue (optional)
  • 2 pieces of paper (more are optional)
  • Marker or pen


  1. Write "Big" and "Little" on the two pieces of paper. For advanced learning, add additional pieces of paper for sorting. You could number them or include the words: Medium, Extra Big, Tiny, etc.
  2. Rip or cut up the paper scraps in various sizes. You can also adjust the level of difficulty. The pieces can be very different in size or closer in size. 
  3. You can also include your child in preparing this part of the activity and have them cut pieces too!
  4. Once the paper is in lots of pieces, your child can begin to sort by size.
  5. To help them get started, pick up a piece of paper and ask, “Hmmm...what size is this? Is it big? Or, is it little?”
  6. Your child can also turn this into a collage by gluing the pieces.
  7. Let your child continue to sort until there are no papers left or they have had enough.

Jamie Reimer learned to be a hands-on mom by creating activities, crafts and art projects for her three boys. She shares them on Hands on As We Grow. Jamie is taking this creative outlet as a way to get through the early years of parenting with a smile!

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