Ruff Ruffman peering over the top of a white piece of paper. The paper is divided into two columns. One column heading says “I’m looking for something…” and the other column heading says “I found a…” There is a speech bubble near Ruff’s head that says “I spy something RUFF!”

Ruff and Smooth Scavenger Hunt

Search for textured treasures! From a prickly pine cone to a soft sweater, everything we touch has texture. How many textures can you find inside or outside of your house? Race the clock or race a friend with this printable scavenger hunt.



  1. Print the scavenger hunt table. Print two if you’re playing with a friend.
  2. Begin hunting for textures on your list. Texture describes the feel or appearance of an object or the material an object is made from.
  3. When you find something, draw a picture or write the object's name next to its matching texture.

More Ways to Play

  • Instead of drawing or writing, snap photos with a digital camera.
  • In the spaces on your list, make crayon rubbings of the textures you find.
  • Target your scavenger hunt. Look for objects in nature, in your kitchen or on your walk to school.
  • Explore other senses. Find things with different colors, smells or tastes — if found in the kitchen, of course!

This activity comes to you from the creators of Team Hamster & Ruff Ruffman.

Iowa PBS STEAM Activities and Crafts provided by PBS KIDS Parents.