A design for a mini-golf course.

Make Your Own Mini-Golf Game

When Sparks’ Crew saves the day at the Super Duper Store, Sara Snap gives the Crew’s raft a strong push. The raft bumps into other objects and bounces off in different directions! You and your child can explore the science of how things move with this exciting game. Your child can investigate the strength, direction of pushes and what will happen when an object collides with another object. Celebrate as your child figures out how to reach the finish line!


  • Plastic container lids or wide-mouth canning lids
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Small boxes or other objects to build a “mini-golf” course, heavy enough for a lid to bounce off them


  1. On one long strip of tape, write “start.” On a second long strip of tape, write “finish.”
  2. Set up a mini-golf course with strips of tape and boxes (or other objects). Use the image below as an example.
  3. Your child will try to move the lid from start to finish with the fewest pushes. Encourage your child to predict what will happen when they push the lid or bounce it off other objects.
  4. Your child can test it out and observe what happens. Keep trying and improving the plan until the lid reaches the finish line. How can you use a push to change the lid’s speed? How does the lid change direction when it bounces off a box?

Explore Further

How many different ways can your child set up a mini-golf course? Maybe move the “start” or “finish.” Maybe add another box. Then play again. Encourage your child to explain how they got the lid where they wanted it to go.

This craft comes to you from the creators of Hero Elementary.

Iowa PBS STEAM Activities and Crafts provided by PBS KIDS Parents.