Crafts From the Past

Crafts From the Past

Join us summer 2022 as we explore crafts and hobbies made popular by earlier generations, showcasing each craft's origin and offering an introduction to the tools and techniques necessary for novices to jump in.  Our Crafts From the Past project will include online and in-person education and workshops from experienced Iowa makers in the following:

  • felting - attend our June 9 in-person workshop!
  • quilling - attend our June 16 in-person workshop!
  • floral foraging and arranging - attend our June 23 in-person workshop!
  • stained glass making
  • homemade noodle making
  • tatting¬†

Crafts From the Past

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Show off what you're working on - your latest quilt, homemade dish, pottery, etc. - and tell us more about how you got into your hobby.

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Crafts From the Past

About the Show

Whether it be hobbies from childhood, crafts we associate with a parent or grandparent, or hands-on skills long forgotten, there is a fascination with reprising lost techniques as we explore new pastimes. Crafts From the Past introduces hobbies from decades past, offering a primer to various techniques by experienced Iowa makers.