Crafts From the Past


‘Tis the season for crafting, with basket weaver Jo Campbell-Amsler showing us how to weave decorative willow Christmas trees.
Things heat up when we visit glass blower Jesse Bogenrief at his Des Moines studio. Learn what goes into this trickier craft and how to get introduced to it in a professional setting.
Enjoy a Latin lunch and fall flowers with florist and chef Jacqueline Milian of Mammitas Coffee and Latin Cafe in Iowa City.
Mary Young Bear demonstrates the rich tradition of Meskwaki bead art and the ties the art has to her own ancestors.
Book folding looks challenging, but artist Joyce Conner Petro assures that it’s not all that difficult. Watch and fold along as she turns an old book into a lovely decoration.
Rosemaler Ruth Green takes us step by step through a simple rosemaling project.
Long-time tatter Heather Boustead shows us the basic techniques needed to get started with this type of lacework.
Glass artist Sara King takes us through the process of making a stained glass suncatcher.
Learn a basic homemade noodle recipe as we explore a diet staple that is thousands of years old.
Florist Katie Adams not only shows us the techniques behind creating the perfect floral arrangement, she also demonstrates how foraging for your flowers and other objects can bring unique beauty to your project.
Needle felting uses a barbed needle to intertwine wool fibers to create a solid fabric, whether that be a 2D decorative piece or a 3D object. Fiber artist Megan Hammer provides easy-to-follow instructions for a 2D needle felting project.
Paper quilling is an art form that shapes strips of paper to create decorative designs. Paper artist Hannah Gebhart takes us step by step through a simple paper quilling project.

Crafts From the Past

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Crafts From the Past

About the Show

Whether it be hobbies from childhood, crafts we associate with a parent or grandparent, or hands-on skills long forgotten, there is a fascination with reprising lost techniques as we explore new pastimes. Crafts From the Past introduces hobbies from decades past, offering a primer to various techniques by experienced Iowa makers.