The Eagles Of Decorah

The Eagles of Decorah | Documentary
Mar 8, 2017 | 58 min

The Eagles of Decorah takes a captivating look into the private lives of bald eagles, featuring the world famous Decorah Eagles in northeast Iowa. This family of eagles became an internet sensation after the installation of a live webcam that provided revealing looks into their everyday lives – from hatching eggs, to nurturing eaglets, to learning to fly. After a violent thunderstorm destroyed the nest in 2015, filmmakers followed the efforts of the Raptor Resource Project to rebuild and restore the home of these iconic birds.

More than 200 hours of footage filmed over a ten-year period was compiled to document the full story of Decorah's eagles and former Raptor Resource Project Director Bob Anderson – before and after his passing in 2015. Combined with archival material previously acquired by Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Outdoors, this behind-the-scenes special documents the eagles and their passionate supporters who have turned these birds into an international phenomenon.

"We followed the adventure of these eagles and the humans working to document their lives for more than a decade,” said Andrew Batt, senior producer. “We've spent hundreds of hours with Bob Anderson and even more watching, waiting and filming The Eagles of Decorah. The group of passionate people still working on these nest cams is an inspiration to anyone with an appreciation for nature and the outdoors."

Programming support for The Eagles of Decorah is provided by: Friends of Iowa Public Television and The Gilchrist Foundation, founded by Jocelyn Gilchrist.