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Meet two Iowa families who lost their sons to suicide as their share their stories to create awareness in hopes of preventing others from going through the same heartbreaking experience. Experts talk about about the signs to look for in young people contemplating suicide, examine methods of prevention and discuss what the state of Iowa is lacking in regards to mental health services.

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Facing Suicide

Explore the crisis of suicide, including risk factors and prevention strategies. Premieres Tuesday, Sep. 13 at 9/8 central.


Facing Suicide in Iowa
A hopeful, forward-facing initiative designed to educate and inform Iowans on the warning signs of suicide, as well as discuss the many different ways to create safe spaces for the young people in our lives to be open about their mental health.
In Their Words
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Bri Hursey considered taking her own life as a teenager. Now in her twenties, Bri travels to schools and shares her story to convince young people it’s ok to not be ok. By speaking out Bri believes we can end the silence together.
Market to Market
Iowa and other states are sending mental health professionals along with police officers responding to mental health crises.
Facing Suicide in Iowa

About the Show

Two Iowa families impacted by suicide share their stories in hopes of preventing others from experiencing the same heartbreak. Experts discuss warning signs, examine methods of prevention and identify the mental health services the state is lacking.