New Fair Foods

Fair | Clip
Aug 14, 2023 | 4 min

Travis Graven makes his way across the fairgrounds to sample some of the new foods at the 2023 Iowa State Fair.


[Travis] Now, it's not on a stick. They do have forks, but I will use my fingers. Because we are at the fair, why not? Oh my goodness. I like peppers, that jalapeno definitely provides a kick. But the pulled pork, the bacon --this is a party in the mouth.

[Server 2] Hi, What can I get started for you today?

[Travis] Let's see if I can get this all right. I will take the deep-fried bacon brisket, macaroni and cheese grilled cheese.

[Server 2] Yes, absolutely. Can I get a fried, please?

[Travis] It starts off with our homemade bacon cheddar bread and then we have a three cheese macaroni with bacon and brisket inside that. Then, we put layers of tri-tip and that gets put into a deep fry batter back in the back. Fries. Comes out here and gets served with a raspberry chipotle sauce. It's like a barbecue Monte Cristo.

[Travis] Look at that. Can hardly fit it all in there. What's the verdict?

[Man] Very, very good.

[Server 3] What can I get you?

[Travis] I would love to try one of the new grinder balls.

[Server] Okay, absolutely.

[Brad Magg] It's our take on a state fair classic, the state fair grinder sandwich.

[Travis] How difficult is it to come up with something new?

[Brad] That's one of our problems. We have too many ideas. This one, we've been sitting on for a couple of years. We have been waiting for the right time to get this one rolled out.

[Travis] Grinders are one of my all-time favorite state fair foods. I cannot wait to give this a try. That is a really good meatball. It has the mozzarella in the middle, marinara sauce gives it a nice kick on the outside. I have to go in for a second bite. 

After some main courses, I think it's time to try a little bit of tasty dessert, so we are here at the Over the Top stand. I would love to try the new Iowa Sweet Corn Sundae, please.

[Server 4] All right, I would love to get one for you.

[Woman] So the Iowa Sweet Corn Sundae is our sweet corn ice cream topped with green candy husks, which is just green candy melt but brings a lot of fun to it. And then, we needed toppings; and what goes better with corn than butter? Butterscotch is a perfect pairing and sprinkles of corn kernels on top.

[Travis] I didn't think I would like this as well as I do, but it is really, really good. After a hot day of walking around the fair, what better cold, refreshing treat to finish off your day of food at the fair.